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2024 James C. Macdonald
Performing Arts Scholarship Competition

04.17 @ 8 PM

Oxley Photography LLC_Alden_Macdonald Scholarship_7.jpeg

You are agreeing to the following:

  • In the form below you will be asked to specify your student's performance details (i.e. dancer in pink dress), so that you accurately receive an album of just the photos of your student plus any of the group photos.

  • All purchases are final

  • Editing of the images is not allowed - including filters and editing apps

  • When posting/sharing images on social media, please credit Oxley Photography using the following text:

  • Upon purchase, you are agreeing to not share the online album web address with other students or parents. If others would like access to the images, they need to purchase them via this order form below. I greatly appreciate your help with this :) 

  • Photos will be made available the week of May 1 - will email all purchasers when the photos are ready. 

Orders are due by Friday, April 26, 2024

Online albums will be emailed to individuals the week of May 1


  1. Select your items below and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the ORDER FORM.

  2. If you are paying via PAYPAL, continue on to the next page (which pops up after you "Submit" the ORDER FORM) and continue with payment.

  3. If you are paying via VENMO or ZELLE, submit the ORDER FORM below and then; ignore the next webpage; then, go to Zelle or Venmo and submit your payment.

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